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Asian Fit Eyewear

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Optometrists and eyewear experts often use the term “Asian fit” to describe a specific category of eyewear that is made to fit the majority of Asia-based ethnicities, namely East Asian ethnicities. These countries’ populations have a much shallower nose bridge with higher cheekbone structures, so their selection of glasses would be limiting, as traditional glasses would not hold onto their nose and slide down constantly. Anyone with a smaller than typical nose with big cheeks can attest to this irritating scenario. Of course, the name itself is a bit outdated, to say the least. Many people from all over the world prefer a style of glasses that conforms to their facial features, which just so happens to be shared with Asian-based citizens. Different style and different frame materials will determine what needs to be modified to qualify as an Asian fit design. This includes any or a combination of the following: narrowing the nose bridge, reshaping the nose pads, keeping the frame flat, and recurving the stems. The style and integrity of the glasses can be maintained, outside of some exceptions where a customer has unique features.