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Crizal Lenses

Crizal Lenses at Sunsvision.com

Essilor is a company well known for producing a number of different types of optical lenses, such as Eyezen, Varilux, XperioUV, and etc. Crizal is considered to be their best lens, having more than 150 million people around the globe putting their trust into it. What distinguishes Crizal lenses from ordinary lenses is that these provide an extreme protection against smudges, scratches, dust, UV rays, glare, and water. Not only Crizal lenses make you feel better, but they also look better when compared to some other optical lenses.

  • Blue Light Protection

    Computers and smart phones are probably the most important technological necessity of the time we live in. As we all know, these devices emit a fair amount of radiation and visible light, therefore excessive usage usually ends up in weakening our eyesight. Crizal lenses work as a shield for protecting our eyes against those radiations and constant strobing of light.

  • Outdoor Activities

    Dust, pollen, and debris is another group which is harmful to our eyes, however, you don’t have any real options around it besides using protective eyewear, like Crizal lenses. These lenses create a physical barrier to protect your eyes against foreign particles, so you don’t have to worry about anything while participating in outdoor activities.  

  • Driving Reflection

    People with weak eyesight often experience a fear of driving, but Crizal lenses can provide such an amazing vision enhancement that you don’t need to worry about second-guessing your eyesight anymore. Great glasses can restore your confidence on the road.  

  • Easy to Clean

    Crizal is capable enough to protect against moisture, oil, dust, and smoke, so you don’t need to tire yourself cleaning up your lenses after every few hours. Even if you do, it won’t be as difficult as it is now.  

  • Crizal Alize UV Lenses at Sunsvision.com

    Crizal Alize UV Lenses

    Provides extreme protection against oil, water, and smudges, which is perfect for anyone who comes into contact with a lot of sprays, rain, or finds themselves touching their lenses by accident often. The lenses stay clean much longer compare to regular anti-reflective coating.

  • Crizal Avance UV Lenses at Sunsvision.com

    Crizal Avance UV Lenses

    These lenses add more protection from foreign particulates. Protects against dirt and dust to provide a clearer vision. These lenses are also scratch resistant.

  • Crizal Sapphire UV Lenses at Sunsvision.com

    Crizal Sapphire UV Lenses

    If you are looking for a minimized effect of glare and reflections, these lenses are an ideal option. Great for anyone who spends a majority of their time in the sun and behind the wheel. Theses lenses are the one of the clearest non-glare lens ever created as they maximize light
transmission through the lens for enhanced visual clarity.

  • Crizal Prevencia Lenses at Sunsvision.com

    Crizal Prevencia Lenses

    These lenses offer the most complete protection against harmful Blue-Violet light and UV reflection. They basically combine all Crizal features into one superior lens. No more glare scratches, smudges, dust and water.