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ic! berlin
IC! Berlin is a company that produces handcrafted eyewear. It was founded by Ralph Anderl in 1999. Initially, Anderl was joined by Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottschling and the trio went to work together on starting up the business. Haffmans and Gottschling were mostly involved in design and production, while Anderl would manage finances and distribution. In the beginning, he used to scour the city of Berlin in search of potential clients. He always took a considerable number of IC! Berlin frames with him, in order to properly introduce his work. In 1998, the brand had its first breakthrough when it was officially presented at Silmo Paris. It then went on to win the Silmo D’Or three times. IC! Berlin eyewear is carefully engineered and crafted out of stainless metal sheets, using patented technology. The signature of the brand is the avoidance of glue, welds or screws. The components are milled or cast into shape and they're joined together mechanically. This keeps the frames flexible, light and surprisingly strong – they will not break or bend even if you sit on them.