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Polarized Sunglasses

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Polarized Sunglasses The sun’s rays are not only dangerous for your skin it can be dangerous for your eyes, too. For those who wear glasses sunlight glare can be not only distracting or annoying, it can also cause eyes to fatigue and impose a danger while driving or during any operations of heavy equipment. Your eyes may start to sting or itch after spending a hot day under the sun. It’s time that you get some protection. Wearing polarized lenses can protect your eyes from the dangers of UV rays and sun glare. How Polarized Lenses Help Blinding sun glare is created when the sun's rays are reflected off a surface, such as metal or glass, back into your eyes; this literally magnifies the sun's rays. Standard sunglasses only absorb a fraction of the sun's rays, however polarized sunglasses can make everything appear cleaner and sharper by blocking all horizontal lightwaves, while still allowing vertical light to reach your eyes. This controls the amplification effect from sun glare. Polarized lenses look just like regular lenses, the polarized film is extremely thin. They can be bought with prescription glasses and non-prescription. Polarized lenses can be worn indoors and outdoors, while still improving the wearer's vision and comfort. Polarized sunglasses contain UV protection, which reduces eye fatigue and helps prevent eye cancer. Polarized lenses come with all sorts of features and enhancements for glasses: you can add anti-scratch protection, anti-dirt and dust protection, bifocal lenses, anti-reflective coatings, and progressive lenses, to name a few. Major Benefits for Polarized Lenses Polarized lenses are extremely beneficial for those who spend all their day outside under the sun's rays, for example: athletes, fisherman, construction workers, and other day labor jobs. The longer your eyes are exposed to the sun's rays the more damage that UV radiation can cause to your eyes. The fact that polarized lenses are commonly paired with other great convenient features, like anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings is also a great value for your money. Tinted or Polarized? It's important not to confuse polarized lenses with tinted sunglasses. Tinted sunglasses are okay, but they don't eliminate sun glare. The darker appearance of tinted lenses makes it seem like they have UV protection when they actually don't; it's more of an aesthetic than anything. Don't get tricked into buying tinted lenses when you meant to buy polarized lenses, always verify that your lenses have UV protection.